What is Sabreland? Who is Sabre? Who or what is Papasaurus? We aren’t always sure, but we’re going to attempt to explain it to you. It’s more than a blog, more than a website. It’s our home, where our friends are always welcome and good times are sure to be had.

On December 31, 1999 I registered the domain sabreland.com. Sabre had been my online name for years and I had taken to calling my home network Sabreland. I wanted to start blogging, but I didn’t want to use a service, because I’m picky. So loaded up with a ton of caffeine, I built a small CMS with PHP. It was clunky and the code was messy, but it was mine.

After awhile, I stopped using it and was blogging over on MySpace. Oh god, I know, right? After fighting with yet another PHP update, I installed WordPress, created a theme, and copied a ton of blog posts from MySpace to Sabreland. I used it routinely for awhile, espousing my views on whatever I deemed appropriate. The only traffic on the blog were a couple of friends and hockey fans looking for information on the Buffalo Sabres. Sigh, this is not that Sabreland.

Eventually, Sabreland became to be more than just a blog. It’s my life, my home, my world. The first WordPress installation has not been updated since 2009. There’s no time for blog posts about politics, news, and random nonsense. Life is about food, friends and family, and having fun.

This version of Sabreland represents that. It represents Eddie and I, and our passion for food and good times. And eventually, we’ll get our friends posting here as well.

Enjoy your visit!