This is why I drink!

Adventures in Sabreland are always interesting. Take this latest bit.

So, like, I had a wee accident two weeks ago yesterday, right? Crumpled the front fascia of Morrigan, bowed the hood a wee bit, apparently damaged a front quarter panel. On Friday I send her off to the body shop for repairs and on Saturday I pick up a Mustang to drive around in the meantime.

Fast forward to this Tuesday, body shop calls and tells me she’s ready for pick up. On my way there, they leave me a VM telling me that someone scraped her while parking another car and they need to repair that. They agree to pick up the remainder of the time for the rental car, so I don’t sweat it too much. Yesterday they called to say she was ready again. So I head over to the place where I rented the car to return it, only Hertz is no longer at that location and the guy won’t tell me where they’ve gone to, only shoves a piece of paper at me with a phone number. I call the number and it tells me to set up my voice mail.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I call another number listed for Hertz, same thing. I call a third number and get a long message listing all the various people working there and what extension they are at. I try to dial 0 and get someone’s voice mail.

I call my insurance agent hoping they can help because I’m now frustrated to the point of tears. I explained what was going on, while very agitated and trying to apologize to the agent at the same time for being so frantic. Agent asks, incredulously, “So wait, the place you rented a car from less than two weeks has just disappeared?” Which, to be honest, seemed outlandish to me as well. He says he’ll check into things, and if he can’t find a resolution, he’ll work with the body shop to return the car for me.

I get to the body shop to pick up my shiny Morrigan and tell them of the insanity with Hertz. The receptionist tells me that they know what’s going on, it’s all good, they are working with them and I can leave the car there. I… well that was unexpected.

When I get home, I called the 800 number for Hertz and they are confused as well. Not to mention the contract that was supposed to be transferred to the body shop was still open in my name.

This morning I finally got through to the guy who rented me the car in the first place and he says he’ll be updating the contract closing date to reflect when the body shop took over, and that even though I was expecting to pay a bit extra since State Farm had only approved me for an economy car (yeah, right… can you see that?) I probably wouldn’t have any additional charges.

It’s been a crazy two weeks. And people wonder why I drink. Now you know.

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